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mercredi 27 septembre 2017

fitness girl

Being fit is every girl’s goal. It is healthy and make one look more attractive. But becoming fit and maintaining that status can be a challenge. The internet doesn’t help either it is flooded with all kinds of information about girls' fitness, and it can become hard to separate the signal from the noise.
In a short while I am going to walk you through the actions that you should take, and in due time will confidently pack that two piece bikini for your next vacation. Just like trying to meet Mr. Right do not expect instant results instead be patient and set realistic goals.
Research has revealed that when it comes to fitness there are 3 important areas namely:
· Physical exercise
· Proper nutrition
· Emotional and mental tranquility.
The following are the tips that will ensure you become fit and remain that way.

1. Work out tips
Most girls start working out but after a short while all the excitement evaporates and they find it monotonous and boring. The trick here is to change your exercise routine after every two weeks or less.
Running is a very effective exercise because it works the whole body. Be consistent and try to push your limits. Try to increase the distance every day.
Contrary to what most ladies think weight lifting will not make you develop a huge muscular body, that is only possible if you are using supplements. Lifting weights instead tones your muscles making you look youthful and attractive. In a weight training program the heavier you lift the faster the results.
2. Proper nutrition tips

The first step is to evaluate what you are eating and if it’s not healthy replace it with a healthy nutritious diet. Remove all the heavily fat foods from your diet.
The most important meal while working on your fitness is not breakfast, ii is the meal right after your work out. It may feel counter intuitive to put back the calories you just burned back but scientific evidence points out that it is the best way to promote muscle recovery, amp your energy and ultimately leaving you with a leaner physique.
As much as you want to do away with fatty foods do not drastically reduce you calories intake. Cortisol our primary stress hormone is released when calories are too low. Stress leads to weight gain and a myriad of other health complications.
3. Emotional and mental well being.
As indicated earlier, don’t be so hard on yourself by expecting specific immediate results. Instead celebrate the small victories. Try to take each day at a time.
Find a fitness partner who can give moral support and hold you accountable when you do not follow your fitness plan.
Mediation is very helpful in your fitness plan it reduces stress. Allocate it 10 minutes daily.
In conclusion you can see that joining the league of fit girls is not that hard if you sacrifice your time and maybe gym a gym membership fee. In due time, you will be oozing confidence as you display that perfectly shaped body.
Enjoy ;)

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